About the Webinar

We’re excited that AlgoLift has joined Vungle and we’d like to invite you to preview our new product—AlgoLift Premium. Our speakers, Paul Bowen, General Manager of AlgoLift by Vungle, and Matt Ellinwood, Director of Product Management, will illustrate how AlgoLift Premium will help you:

• Use lifetime value (LTV) vs. D7 ROAS for better performance
• Determine more accurate ROAS bidding
• Automate portfolio optimization and reporting for greater efficiency
• Be prepared to navigate changes in user data privacy in 2021

This webinar was originally broadcast on December 9, 2020 at 9:00AM PT / 5:00PM GMT. 

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About the Speakers

Matt Ellinwood is a Director of Product Management at Vungle where he leads product for the Demand Side Platform (DSP), Data Product, and Privacy initiatives. His ad tech experience has focused on data and performance products, including audience targeting, experimentation, and performance analytics. Prior to Vungle, he led Data Products at TubeMogul (now Adobe Ad Cloud).

Paul Bowen has 20 years of experience working in digital advertising. He is the General Manager of AlgoLift by Vungle, the market leader in predicting LTV and user acquisition automation for mobile apps that was recently acquired by Vungle. Paul has also held VP roles at Unity and Tapjoy.