Since its 2012 launch, Audiomack has quickly become an epicenter for rising talent. Initially focusing on the hip-hop mixtape community, Audiomack has grown over the past 8 years to encompass releases across a wide variety of genres, including hip-hop/rap, R&B, Latin, Afrobeats, dancehall/reggae and electronic. In the last 12 months, Audiomack has achieved 167% growth in daily active users (4.5M+), and is entirely free for independent artists who can upload an unlimited amount of music.


Always on the lookout for partnership opportunities that grow business, Audiomack wanted to add a high-performance mobile network to its ad stack. However, they wanted to work with a team that understood the unique needs of a music app, and could develop a monetization strategy that didn’t interfere with their user’s journey.

After we integrated Vungle into our interstitial placements, our ARPDAU saw a 7% uplift. Adding Vungle ads to our ad stack, we were able to more effectively monetize our user base while maintaining our best-in-class App Store rating.


Jack Driscoll
Director Finance & Operations

The Solution


Audiomack began with a test program on their iOS platform. After seeing impressive revenue and above average eCPMs with their initial test, Audiomack quickly integrated Vungle's SDK.


Vungle's monetization team worked closely with Audiomack to understand a typical user's journey in the app so they could define the best ad placement recommendations. It was especially important that the placements did not interfere with the user's listening experience. In response, Vungle created video ad placements that stayed muted so it didn't sound over users' playlists. Vungle also included close button timers on interstitial ads so users felt a sense of control around their ad engagement.


Audiomack also added Vungle's newest ad-placement banners into their mix so they could attract a more diverse set of advertisers and define more revenue opportunities.



Ultimately, the care taken to introduce ads placements that respected the user's listening experience, alongside the nice harmony of banner and interstitial placements, helped Audiomack generate above-average eCPMs and a 7% increase in ARPDAU.

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