Publishing successful mobile game apps such as hidden object game, June's Journey, Wooga has become a market leader in the story-driven casual genre. In December 2018, Wooga joined the Playtika family, and today they continue to deliver engaging mobile games.


Despite previous success with Vungle, Wooga’s monetization revenue had flattened. Vungle’s performance optimization team knew that with more client-side data, they could optimize ad fill rate and boost Wooga’s eCPM and Ad ARPDAU.

We collaborated closely with Vungle to analyze our data and develop a recipe for success. Vungle’s team used their technology and expertise to help us build a waterfall structure that grew our business.


Jan Pollack
Sr. Ad Monetization Manager

The Solution


Vungle took initiative, reached out to Wooga about their monetization situation, and provided a three-step plan for growth:



Wooga shared vital waterfall information with Vungle including CPM, views, geos, and more.



After analyzing the data, Vungle collaborated with Wooga to build a carefully-crafted waterfall structure that would generate the greatest value and revenue for Wooga. Vungle’s real-time feedback and in-depth data analysis provided a more comprehensive understanding of changes in Wooga's performance.



Data-driven waterfall recommendations worked in tandem with Wooga's integration of Vungle's latest SDK 6.5 which featured cache optimization technology that filled more top waterfall positions faster. The ongoing close-knit collaboration between Vungle's tech team and Wooga ensured a smooth SDK integration. Through daily conversations, any tech issues were immediately problem solved and all new placements were up and running much faster.



When Wooga provided their data, Vungle was able to provide expert guidance and significantly boost Wooga’s U.S. mobile performance Ad ARPDAU.


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